UK: 08003101010 International: +441214001010

Best UK rates for SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX, 0800 Numbers and Telephone Numbers


Fully independent telecommunications network

Headquartered in Ireland with our customer support based in Birmingham UK, our 100% independently owned telecommunication business helps to drive down our operational overheads, which maximises the cost savings for our customers.  We only offer high quality business class services, we write our own software, and we maintain our services in-house.

We deal with SMEs, call centres, telecom dealers and resellers globally

We make deals on a daily basis for pre/post paid call traffic termination, telephone numbering DIDs and telecom solutions.  Building long term partnerships based on our reliability, experience and commitment to support your telecommunications 24-7.  Simply call us +441214001010 or email for an instant quote, anytime.

Crystal clear HD SIP Trunking

Being an independent network really does have its benefits. One of those benefits is that we can ensure the highest quality of call clarity supporting a wide range of codecs such as G722, G711, down to G729 for those struggling with IP Bandwidth and PBX capacity.  DTMF is supported to RFC2833 and SIPINFO.

Real savings for every business with our call rates

We believe in simple and low-cost pricing.  No hidden costs, no funny business.  We bill your calls to 4 decimal places and provide fully itemised CDR’s on a monthly basis or minute by minute using our API.  We keep away from top-ups, rounding up and call connection charges where possible.  Unlike competitors we publish our SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX and 0800 Number call rates online.  Got a better rate ?  Call us immediately and we’ll beat it.

Direct connections to BT Wholesale and RIPE

We’re one of few telecoms providers that benefits from a direct SS7 interconnect and IPX Interconnect to BT Wholesale at multiply Points of Presence.  Operating our own private internet connection and allocation from RIPE we operate an unparalleled stable network offering performance and security for our customers.

Over 1200 hugely satisfied clients and counting

We’ve over 1200 clients of all sizes with a extremely low churn rate – from one man startups to some of the worlds biggest names including RBS, Microsoft and Tesco – using our services everyday.  Keeping our customers happy is the number one priority here at Numbergroup, above everything else including making a profit.