Fully independent telecommunications network

Headquartered in Ireland with our customer support based in Birmingham UK, our 100% independently owned telecommunication business helps to drive down our operational overheads, which maximises the cost savings for our customers.  We only offer high quality business class services, we write our own software, and we maintain our services in-house 24-7.  We don’t resell anything, and only deal with companies who strive for quality of service, and who stand by their products.

From SME businesses to reseller & wholesale

Whether you’re a sole trader, SME, or a telecoms wholesaler, we’ve everything you need to support your telecommunications. From Numbering API to powerful calling features and incredibly low call rates, Numbergroup has everything your business needs.

Crystal clear calls 24 hours a day

Being an independent network really does have its benefits. One of those benefits is that we can ensure all voice packets and calls distributed through our network are crystal clear. No dropped calls or low quality audio.

Incredible savings with our call rates

We believe in simple and low-cost pricing. No hidden costs, no funny business. That’s why our pricing is much more attractive and more transparent than many others. We happily publish our standard call rates online and will undercut any call rate for any volume buyers of call minutes.

HD Voice with our direct connections to BT Wholesale

We’re one of few telecoms providers that benefits from a direct interconnect straight through to BT Wholesale and multiply Points of Presence. That means unparalleled performance for our customers, absolutely no middlemen resellers, and you receive the best possible call rates at all times.

Over 1200 hugely satisfied clients and counting

We’ve over 1200 happy clients of all sizes – from one man startups to some of the countries biggest names including RBS, Microsoft and Tesco – using our services everyday.



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    Hosted PBX Find out more

    We have developed our own business class Hosted IP Telephony solution replacing the need for an on-site PBX.  Our offering is extremely easy to setup,and is integrated directly into our core network providing you with reliability and security via our Selfcare portal.  All you need a Broadband IP connection and the phones, which we can also supply if required.

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    Telephone Numbers Find out more

    We currently stock over 2 million UK telephone numbers ready to allocate instantly, local/city/regional numbers, non-geographic numbers, and freephone 0800’s directly allocated by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator.  We also supply International telephone numbers covering 60 countries from around the world.

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    SIP Trunking Find out more

    We provide a high quality SIP Trunking service connecting your PBX directly into our network (via a DSL or Ethernet IP connection) to receive and terminate your voice calls over the public telephone network.