Welcome to Numbergroup, a family-run business founded in 2010. We’re a telecoms company that offers business-focused services at a price point others can’t match. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and our dedication sets us apart from the competition.

We are licensed by Ofcom to provide telephone services. Our computer systems—which house our servers and databases—are located in secure data centres, interconnected with BT’s network at multiple points of presence.

Our founders have over 50 years of experience building and managing telecommunications systems for businesses and telecom resellers that receive millions of calls each month through TV phone-ins and national ad campaigns.

Our Mission

To save you money by reducing your phone bills and increasing your call centre’s performance. How do we do this?

We duplicate and replace your existing legacy ISDN or PBX telecom system with a virtual cloud instance, which your employees access over the internet.

We then transfer your existing telephone numbers from your old supplier to our platform. Your service will not be interrupted, and your customers or agents will not notice anything different. Alternatively, we can issue new or temporary phone numbers during this migration, which usually takes a couple of weeks.

Once we have migrated your system, you can eliminate and cancel the expensive legacy telephone rental contracts and maintenance charges, not to mention costly ISDN and call charges.

With our call-handling software, you will no longer be tied to antiquated, in-house phone systems, physical locations, or call capacity limitations. We also eliminate problems created by poorly designed phone systems-voice prompts that irritate customers and endless hold queues saying, “your call is important.”

How much can you save? 

We publish our standard Phone Packages based on the number of employees here, but if you have something specific in mind or would like to negotiate a price—get in touch, and we will happily undercut any competitor.

Our Customer Support

We don’t employ salespeople or use hard-sell tactics and spam to pressure you into signing contracts that are impossible to leave, nor do we hide fees in small print.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service anytime without paying a fee (customers stay on average for 6.5 years). Please review our contract.

We believe in treating customers with respect and providing excellent customer care, and our goal is to help your business succeed. Although we are not the only phone company listed on Google, our dedication to customer service, reliability, and flexible pricing will set us apart from our competitors.

With a small, friendly team where everyone knows who you are when you call in—unlike some faceless corporations—you’re not going to get someone different every time.

Our staff of dedicated professionals have worked with us since 2010. During that time, they have gained extensive experience managing call centres and overseeing campaigns involving hundreds of live agents. They’re ready to help resolve your call centre issues and provide solutions to improve your team’s performance.

We understand that every company has unique needs, so we work hard to determine your needs—no matter how large or small your budget.

If you have any questions or would like to request a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.