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Jody started Numbergroup from his bedroom with 2 phones lines and blinkered determination. Investment in a first telecoms switch and BT interconnect led to rapid growth and expansion. He remains dedicated to finding new, smart ways for businesses to reap the full benefits of cloud communication.

Service Charge Update from 1st July 2015

From 1st July 2015 Ofcom are introducing a new system which will provide greater confidence to callers by enabling organisations to accurately state how much calls to them will cost. The changes will affect both callers and any organisation that uses 084x, 087x, 09 or 118 services to receive calls. Phone numbers beginning 084x, 087x, [...]

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Telecom Number Fraud

We raised the issue of spoofing telephone numbers earlier this this year at the TPS (that's the Telephone Preference Service) swanky get-together in London, but we were not given an answer and the representative actually left the building refusing to answer our questions. Basically, it involves a dodgy call centre often based abroad making telephone [...]

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Number Range Hosting

Number Range Hosting Our number range hosting service is available to communications providers with their own number range allocations from Ofcom. We can host your numbers and access codes within our own BT interconnected, highly reliable and secure IP network. Our hosting service is offered without any set-up, monthly port rental charges or management fees. [...]

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SIP Trunking Information

Sip trunking carries a significant advantages over ISDN and PSTN cable connections, which is overall flexibility of numbering. It’s not merely a low-cost replacement for ISDN and really should not be positioned so. It’s not about affordable channels and minutes. It is actually upgrading managed Voice over internet protocol simply due to the fact it [...]

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Howto: Asterisk and SIP Call Delivery

Hi all, Sadly I do not have the time to write a comprehensive walk through for newbies to Asterisk, but hopefully this information is helpful for those with at least half a clue. To receive calls and direct them in your Asterisk PBX, first dive into your ‘sip.conf’ file. Hopefully this should already be set [...]

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Recording Calls

Even at the best of times it's difficult working on the telephone trying to remember what was said by whom and what was agreed. When important deals are secured over the telephone making small mistakes can lead to bigger problems down the road. A simple and easy solution is to record all your companies calls. [...]

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What’s a Freephone Number?

Freephone, free-to-call, toll-free, 0800 numbers. There are many different names and terms used to describe 0800 numbers, though they all mean the same thing. What is an 0800 number? An 0800 telephone number is simply a type of telephone number that is usually free to call and are used by many businesses and charities, widely understood [...]

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