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Introduction 0800 numbers are one of the most popular ways to quickly and effectively reach consumers. It is no surprise that businesses invested in these freephone numbers for so long, as there are several benefits for your company when you…


0800 numbers are one of the most popular ways to quickly and effectively reach consumers.

It is no surprise that businesses invested in these freephone numbers for so long, as there are several benefits for your company when you have one.

Accessible from everywhere

So, what is a 0800 number? A 0800 number is a freephone number. It’s also known as a non-geographic telephone number and accessible from anywhere in the UK – including mobiles and landlines. You can even access it from anywhere in the world!

Good for marketing

0800 freephone numbers are also a great way to build your brand, increase your customer base, and get new customers. It’s an easy way to get more business from existing customers.

Easy to remember

Callers don’t need to scramble for the right area code and prefix, nor do they have to remember a long number. It’s easy to dial, and it’s even easier to spell.

Great for customer service

If you’re looking to increase customer service, a 0800 freephone number is the best bet. First of all, people are more likely to call a number that’s easy to remember and looks professional. That means you don’t have to worry about your customers losing or forgetting their way through some complicated phone tree: they’ll dial straight through with ease.

Secondly, 0800 numbers allow you to have one number for multiple functions within your business—whether that be sales or technical support—so your customers can easily access whatever they need when they need it most. If you’re an e-commerce site selling products online, for example, having multiple departments share a single line will help streamline customer inquiries (and keep them from getting lost along the way).

Gives your business a national feel

A freephone number is a great way to give your business a national feel. For example, if you have an office in London but customers from all over the country call you using your freephone number, they’ll see on their phone screen that they are calling you from London and might be more likely to trust you.

If you want to boost sales, having a free phone line can be very useful. If customers can speak with someone on the phone without paying, they may be more willing to make purchases since there aren’t any extra costs involved.

If marketing is what interests you, then this is another reason why having a freephone number could help increase profits – many businesses use their freephone numbers as part of their advertising strategies because people are more likely to call them than other numbers which could cost consumers money instead (this depends on whether the customer has inclusive minutes or not).

Boosts consumer confidence

The ability to reach you 24/7 is an excellent way to build customer confidence. When a customer sees that you have a freephone number, they know they will be able to reach you if they need to. It also means that there will always be someone available when they call. This is especially important if the caller needs help or has questions about something that’s happened in relation to your business (e.g., receiving a faulty product).

These benefits are particularly relevant for businesses selling products or services that require customers’ trust—for example, financial institutions, insurance providers and more.

Having an 0800 number can help build a better relationship with your customers.

One of the big benefits of having an 0800 freephone number is that it helps you build a better relationship with your customers.

People are generally more likely to trust a business that has an easy-to-remember and free number they can call if they have any questions or issues. It’s also good for building loyalty, as people will be more likely to buy from you again if they feel valued by your company. This can help you gain a loyal customer base in industries where repeat purchases are common.

Finally, having an 0800 number helps build brand awareness for your company by allowing customers to connect with it in more ways than just walking inside one of its locations or visiting the website—which means there could be more people talking about your brand than ever before!


We hope we’ve convinced you of the benefits of having an 0800 number for your business. It’s a great way to reach customers and get them interested in your product, which means more sales and profits! We know that sometimes it can seem like a big investment but trust us when we say it will pay off in the long run. Plus, if you don’t have one already, then now is probably a good time since there are so many great options available on our website today!

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