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Here’s a Christmas Gift You Might Want to Open Early

What if someone offered to give you back half of your annual business telecom costs? Sound too good to be true? As a business owner, you’re probably sick to death of “wise men” from telecom companies bearing gifts. Maybe you’ve…

What if someone offered to give you back half of your annual business telecom costs? Sound too good to be true?

As a business owner, you’re probably sick to death of “wise men” from telecom companies bearing gifts. Maybe you’ve been burned too often in the past by offers that looked too good to be true, but turned out to be “fake news” when you studied the small print.

Telecom “special offers” aren’t always what they seem

The telecoms industry has had a lot of criticism for claims of mis-selling and generally failing to deliver on marketing promises. So it’s no surprise that business owners are hesitant to believe every promise telecom companies make, or rush to switch providers when an offer is shoved in front of their face.

But, occasionally, some deals do come along that have lots of upside and no downside. They save you money without compromising call quality or standard of customer service. These kinds of offers make switching provider an absolute “no brainer”.

So, what’s this offer all about?

We thought long and hard before putting together our Switch & Save offer. We didn’t want to come across as just another cloud telecom company trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

We wanted to make sure our offer:

  • Was painless and hassle-free.
  • Saved you money.
  • Improved your technical service.
  • Offered you better customer support.
  • You wouldn’t regret after 12 months.

So we came up with a deal that delivered on all fronts. A special offer that allows you to move your telecom service over from any other provider to us without incurring any additional cost or loss of performance. In return, we’d give you back half of your total year spend after 12 months continuous service.

And we were determined not to lock you into a contract either. In fact, after 12 months, you would be free to move to another provider (if you wished) without any fuss or penalty. But we’d secretly like to think you’d prefer to stay with us for many years to come. Very rarely do our customers switch to other providers, because they know quite soon that they just won’t get a better service or price elsewhere.

Are there any pre-conditions to the switch & save deal?

At this stage, the “switch & save” deal is targeted at new customers only. So, to be eligible, you’ll need to have an active telecom account with another provider.

Will you offer me a better price than my current provider?

Comparing telecom services on a like-for-like basis is hard because there are differences in the quality of service, network ownership, customer support etc.

For instance, we own and maintain our own network infrastructure, so our running costs will be very different from a reseller, who is basically selling you someone else’s services.

Plus, we invest heavily in our our products and our staff, with the ultimate aim of providing our customers with a premium and 100% reliable service. Try asking your current provider how much priority they place on investing in their network and staff. You might be waiting a good while for their answer!

But, as a business, we understand you want a premium telecom service at an affordable price. That’s why our offer includes a guarantee in our offer that we will charge you the same (or less if we can) than your current provider for exactly the same service. Where you’ll see the most difference is in the quality of support you’ll get from us, and the significantly better quality call experience you’ll get through our AAA+ graded network.

What telecom services does the offer apply to?

Everything, from virtual phone numbers through to enterprise-grade hosted PBX systems for big call centres (and lots of services in between).

The offer applies to the subscription element of your telecom service and the call charges.

This really is a win-win deal if ever there was one!

OK, I’m interested. How do I claim the special offer?

Step one is to [fusion_modal_text_link name=”switch_save” class=”” id=””]request a callback by filling out this contact form[/fusion_modal_text_link]. Alternatively, click on the LiveChat button on the bottom of the page to chat with us now.

If you request a callback, one of our team will contact you to find out more about the services you currently have and answer any questions you might have about the deal.

To make sure we can match, or better, what you currently spend on your telecoms, we’ll probably ask you to send in a copy of your most recent bill and the call rates you’re currently paying.

Hassle-free transfer of your telecom service

We should be able to make you an offer quite quickly. Then we can guide you through the process of switching over your service and any phone numbers associated with your account. We’ll aim to make this part as painless and smooth as possible.

Once your account’s set up, we’ll do our best to restore your faith in telecom companies! We’ll be on hand 24/7 to answer any technical questions (however small) and to make sure your business communications run smoother than you ever imagined they would.

We’re not arrogant fools either. We know things break occasionally, and sometimes systems don’t do what we need them to. But if this happens, we won’t rest until we put things right again. Most of the time, we’ll find a fix before you even notice something’s wrong. Because that’s the sort of techie geeks we are!

You have nothing to lose, but lots to gain

After 12 months of continuous service with us, we’ll give you back 50% of everything you’ve spent in your first year. Plus, we’ll commit to keeping your standard charges at the same level for the next 12 months at least.

What are you waiting for? Even if your only mildly interested in finding out more, I strongly recommend you get in touch. What’s the worst that can happen?

We’re not pushy salespeople so won’t try the “hard sell”.

We’d like to think the financial benefits and the quality of our service will provide sufficient encouragement.

Do yourself and your business a big favour today by clicking here and filling out this callback request . Easy peasy!

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