Memorable Phone Numbers – What They Are And Why You Should Use Them

Memorable or ‘Gold’ numbers are simply phone numbers that are easy for people to remember. The brain can remember on average between 6 and 9 numbers at a time, which is why phone numbers are often grouped into 3, 4 or 5 digits at a time.

Within these blocks, the most memorable numbers are:

Single repeats: e.g. 1111, 2222, 3333

Repeated pairs: e.g. 3344, 6677, 8899

Double repeats: e.g. 2323,1616, 7474

Consecutive runs (ascending/descending): e.g. 1234, 5678, 6789/ 8765, 6543, 4321

Step up-and-down digits: e.g. 1232, 6787

Mirrored digits: e.g. 1221, 7667

Repeated prefix: e.g. 233, 0233/ 688 6887

Benefits of Gold numbers for your business

Increase call growth with a professional number. A memorable number looks professional. Comparable to the way a personalised car number plate looks impressive whilst suggesting wealth and status. A memorable or personalised number links your business with similar attributes.

Looks great on your business cards, letterheads and websites

This draws on the point above; aesthetically, a gold number looks better. Consumers will note the memorable-looking number of your business and make a pre-conceived judgement about its reputation.

Relevant to birthdays, favourite digits, lucky numbers- This aspect to the benefits of memorable numbers is a personal one. We all have our favourite or lucky numbers and we all have those significant numbers in our lives which we associate with birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. For example in the Muslim culture, the numbers ‘786’ have great religious significance, making this set of numbers a popular and meaningful choice for those said businesses. Why not make your business number out of digits with complete significance to the specialized numbers in your life? That way, they’ll be memorable to your consumers, but even more memorable to you.

Make it part of your brand identity

If you secure a superb memorable number, why not make it part of the identity of your brand? If your number is catchy and can be put to a jingle, it could easily become a recognisable aspect of your business and its advertisements, especially if you use TV and radio platforms. A familiar and memorable number only leads to increased sales and greater recognition.

Track your marketing efforts

If you use a gold number, it is easier to track the leads it creates. The use of a memorable number will result in a greater overall marketing response.

It won’t cost you much

We have a wide variety of memorable virtual phone numbers available, starting at just £24.99 per month.

The benefits of a memorable/gold number for your business more than outweigh any investment you make acquiring the number. Studies have shown that consumers perceive businesses with memorable phone numbers as more professional and successful than others. So, secure your memorable phone number today with Numbergroup and watch your business flourish.