Web-based remote working platform for better communication

Let your customers know you're open for business by giving your remote staff the tools to keep communication channels open and maintain productivity. Our new solution from Wildix includes a suite of tools such as LiveChat, VideoChat and Voice Calls, allowing you to interact and communicate with your users and customers through one single platform.

  • Manage all of your customer communication channels under one dashboard.

    With staff working remotely, you need a platform that allows you to manage the way your staff connect with each other and with your customers.

    Using separate software for each communication method is confusing and difficult to maintain. The lack of control over personal digital information can also open up data protection and GDPR issues.

    Wildix is a single platform with tools that allow your customers and staff to connect via LiveChat, Video Chat or Voice Call. All of these options can be embedded on your website or activated by sending a web link via Email, SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

  • No minimum contract or cancellation fees.

    We recognise these are unprecedented times and your business may be struggling to stay afloat. We won’t make life more difficult by imposing a lengthy contract, nor will we penalise or make life difficult if you decide that Wildix isn’t right for you.

    Instead, we’ll focus on delivering a service that’ll give you no reason to leave.

    We offer unrivalled customer support and are constantly looking at ways we can help your business grow sales while reducing costs. Our business survival is closely linked to yours, so we will do everything we can to help and support you through good times and bad.

  • Quick & easy remote installation. No hardware required.

    As Wildix is web-based, we can install and configure it quickly via the cloud. We can get all of your remote workers set up in a few hours, plus we’ll provide training and access to online user manuals.

    Your support rep will work with you to redirect any phone numbers as smoothly and quickly as possible, allowing you to take calls via the web. We’ll also configure your system for optimal call quality.

    As a government-approved telecom supplier, we’re obligated to maintain a higher level of service than other companies. It means stress for us, but ultimately top-notch service and 24/7 customer support for you and your team.

  • Keep your lines of communication open.

    As businesses are forced to scale down their face-to-face operations because of the coronavirus crisis, the main challenge will be how to keep communication channels open.

    Customers will still need to contact you, and staff will need to keep in touch with each other. Unless you use a unified platform to manage your internal & external communications, you could see a big dip in both productivity and service levels. Ultimately this will mean a drop in sales.

    Take a lead on your competitors by offering a better way for people to communicate with you and your staff. There will still be a need for your services, so make sure everyone knows you’re open for business.

How Wildix will benefit your business

Enable your staff to work from anywhere

The contact channels can all be managed via a web browser or mobile app. As long as your remote workers have an internet connection, they can easily communicate with your customers and their work colleagues from home.

The remotely managed platform means your business can continue to run smoothly without any dip in productivity or sales.

Offer your customers more ways to connect with you

During this crisis, people will still want to contact you, so it’s critical that you offer them a range of options. Wildix includes a suite of communication channels such as LiveChat, VideoChat and Voice Calls, all managed via one single platform.

Simply embed the contact ‘triggers’ within your website, or send a clickable link to your customer to activate the channel of choice. As it’s a single, unified platform, your communications will be recorded in one place, giving your team complete visibility of what’s been said and agreed.

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