Communicate smarter with your customers by sending SMS messages online

Just 3p per text. Send messages from a virtual mobile number or use your own company name as a Sender ID.

Bulk SMS Messaging
Bulk SMS Messaging

With open rates as high as 98%, no other marketing channel can compete

Whether your business is established or completely new, you can use text messaging to grow your sales by improving the way you communicate with your customers.

Send out delivery notifications, surveys, personalised vouchers and engaging competitions, directly to a customer’s smartphone.

Promote your business and win new customers cost-effectively, with standard SMS rates of just 3p per message.


Benefits of SMS messaging

  • Communicate Better & Quicker

    More than 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, with an average response rate of 32%.

  • Generate new business

    Nurture your sales leads by sending targeted messages & promotions. Combined with SMS marketing’s high open rates, you can generate lots of new business from small investment.

  • Make your customers happier

    Tailor promotions & personalised rewards for individual customers to give them more of what they want, and less of the stuff they don’t.

  • Lower your communication costs

    Our low bulk SMS rates mean you can benefit from one of the most efficient & cost-effective ways to communicate with any audience.

Bulk SMS Messaging

Scalable SMS Messaging for just £19.99 per month

Use bulk SMS to raise brand awareness, optimise your communications and enhance the customer journey.

£19.99 per month gets you the UK’s cheapest wholesale SMS rates (just 3p per text), plus online access to the industry’s most reliable, feature-rich and best-supported SMS platform.

Do your business a favour and give SMS Messaging a go today!

What can you do with our SMS messaging service?

  • Dedicated Inbound Number (DIN)

    A unique & personal contact number from which you can send and receive SMS messages within your online portal.

  • Short Links

    Create shortened web links to include in your SMS messages. Option to track how many times the link is used.

  • SMS Keywords

    Use a singular shortcode (eg. 60777), in conjunction with a Keyword, to send targeted marketing messages & promotions to your audience.

  • Simple Reply Service (SRS)

    Send out SMS messages and receive replies back. You’re automatically assigned a random mobile number when using this feature.

  • Create & Send Surveys

    Create custom, fully customisable surveys to send via SMS and view the results from within the SMS portal.

  • Scheduled Sending

    Schedule your messages to be sent at particular dates/times.

  • Automated Replies & Forwarding

    Configure the system to automatically reply to certain received SMS, or forward2 these onto other sources.

  • Mobile Web Pages

    Create a bespoke temporary mobile web page to show important information. No developer needed, just create on the portal and send out to your customers.

  • API Integration

    Use the API to send, receive & perform maintenance tasks remotely without having to access the SMS portal.

Business SMS Package


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Bulk SMS Messaging for businesses, offering SMS rates of 3p per text

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Send single or bulk messages either to individual numbers, or groups of numbers configured within the portal.

  • What do I get when I sign up?

    First off, you’ll get 100 free introductory SMS credits to test the platform. You’ll also get access to the SMS portal and all the features contained within it, including Surveys, custom mobile webpages, short links, scheduled sending, automated forwarding/replies, SRS access, and also 1 random Keyword on Shortcode. Plus, as a valued monthly subscriber, you’ll pay a rock-bottom wholesale rate of just 3p per text, which is the lowest SMS rate in the UK. Buy extra SMS credits at any time at this order page.

  • How many SMS messages can I send at any one time?

    Technically, as many as you like, depending on your available credits, and up to a maximum of 10,000 numbers at one time. However, we advise to send in batches of 500, to ensure they do not get detected as spam.

  • Can I send a message as if from my own mobile number?

    Yes, you can use any name (up to 11 characters) or mobile number. Sending name and numbers are configured within the SMS portal, and can be added and removed as needed. If you use your own mobile number, any replies will be sent directly to the mobile number. Additional, separate numbers can be purchased if required.

  • Is there a maximum message length?

    Each SMS credit allows up to 160 characters. The maximum length of any message is 5 SMS credits (766 Characters). Anything longer than this will be truncated to 765 characters.

  • What is the Simple Reply Service (SRS) & how does it work?

    This lets to send out SMS messages and receive responses back. When using this feature, you’re automatically assigned a random mobile number, which is then permanently assigned to your account. Every 160 character message you send out using the SRS uses 1.5 credits, rather than the standard 1 credit. All responses are received back into your SMS portal, so they can be viewed and responded to again, if required.

  • How does GDPR affect SMS messaging?

    As we do not control customer data, it’s up to you to ensure that you adhere to the GDPR regulations or not. Our platform provides a facility to include a “reply to stop receiving messages” at the end of texts, to enable easy management of marketing lists.

  • What are the “per message” costs for each type of SMS I can send?

    Each SMS credit (costing 3p) allows you to send a standard SMS message of up to 160 characters. The exception is when you use the Simple Reply Service (SRS) which uses up 1.5 SMS credits per message.

  • Will you debit my account automatically, like a normal subscription?

    Yes. Invoices will be produced on the 1st of each month and issued to you during our billing cycle. You will have the option to setup a Direct Debit (DD) or pay the invoice manually. Failure to make payment will lead to loss of service and any unused SMS credits.

  • How do I buy extra SMS credits?

    You will get 100 free introductory SMS credits when you initially sign up. This should be enough for you to fully trial the platform. You can then buy extra SMS credits at any stage via our SMS Credits order form.

  • What does an SMS keyword cost?

    You’re provided a random one for free as part of your standard monthly subscription. Additional ones will cost £15.00 per month (exc VAT) and will require a 12-month contract.

  • Do I get charged if my message doesn’t get through for any reason?

    That depends! If the message is physically sent, then you will be charged for it, even if the recipient receives it or not. Messages that get flagged as spam may still be charged as well.

  • Do I have to pay the £19.99 monthly fee even if I don’t use the service that month?

    Yes, much like you have to pay a mobile phone contract, even if you don’t use it. The subscription fee allows access to the services and preferential wholesale SMS rates. Failure to make payment will result in loss of service.

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