Reliability and Call Quality

Category: Telecom

Our cloud-based system handles millions of calls every month for thousands of businesses all over the UK. Our network is hosted across multiple secure data centres sites with built in automatic disaster recovery and failover. Over the past 10 years we have maintained a 99.9997% uptime.

As our service is broadband agnostic, you can use any internet connection to access it. If your broadband drops for any reason, we can automatically build in failover diverts to keep your business and phone calls operational, even with home based working employees.

The quality of a call is similar, if not better to that you find on a regular landline telephone service. In many cases, we can offer “High Definition” quality on calls.

The biggest factor that affects call quality is your internet connection and the bandwidth you have available. In most cases, telephone calls are prioritised over your broadband connection, so even if your internet connection is choppy, your calls should remain clear.

We will discuss your requirements during the sign up process, to advise on bandwidth requirements, but in most cases, a standard UK fibre connection is more than enough to run anything from 1-20 calls simultaneously without any issues.