Earn extra money while working from home

Refer new businesses to us and get 30% recurring commission on all sales generated over the lifetime of the customer.

Earn Money Selling Telecom Services From Home

Opportunity to get back on your feet

Everyone in the UK and beyond is feeling the economic impact of Covid-19. Businesses are closing, people are losing jobs or having their hours cut drastically. At this rate, the crisis could send the country into a spiralling depression.

To try and minimise the economic impact of the Covid-19 shutdown, businesses are shifting their focus to cost reduction and mobilising their staff to work from home. Fortunately, these are they key areas we specialise in.

If you’re looking for a chance to make some decent money, we might just have the answer. The growth in demand for our products & services means you have an opportunity to earn commission just by referring businesses on to us.

How you can make some extra cash

Our products are in high demand, so we want to give you and others an opportunity to boost your income in these difficult times. We’re offering 30% commission on any sales you can generate for us.

All you have to do is give us the details of business owners in your area that want to cut their energy bills or have a system to manage their staff remotely. To increase the chances of us turning your referral into a commission sale, we’ll ask you to provide us with names, emails and mobile phone numbers of the decision-makers so we can make direct contact with them.

What products will you be promoting?

We have two core products at the moment which will appeal to business owners throughout the UK

  • A smart, cloud-based platform that allows businesses to deal with customer enquiries even when staff are working from home.

    The solution includes a suite of tools such as LiveChat, VideoChat and Voice Calls, so businesses can communicate with users and customers through one single online platform. The system enables businesses to remain “open” and make sales despite their premises being closed. This is a real game-changer, and has the potential to save countless jobs by keeping companies afloat until the crisis abates.

  • A service that allows businesses to avail of rock-bottom utility rates at wholesale prices.

    This is the same service used by thousands of energy brokers in the UK who make money by adding their own margins on to the wholesale prices. We don’t think this practice is fair or justified in the current circumstances. So we’re doing our bit to help by offering these wholesale utility rates to businesses with ZERO margin on top. Typically this could save businesses thousands of pounds per year in lower energy bills. What’s not to like about that?

What’s in it for you?

The maths is easy. If you refer a business to us that results in a one-off sale of £100, you’ll earn £30 as soon as the customer pays us. If that customer continues to pay us £100 per month for three years (our average customer lifespan) you’ll generate a whopping £1,080 just for that one referral. If you send 30, 40 maybe 50 businesses our way, and we turn these into sales, you’ll do very nicely out of it.

For just one customer referral, this is how it works out:

Basic package

  • Monthly subscription


  • 30% commission per month


  • Avg. lifespan commission


Premium package

  • Monthly subscription


  • 30% commission per month


  • Avg. lifespan commission


PBX & number package

  • Monthly subscription


  • 30% commission per month


  • Avg. lifespan commission


What do you need to do next?

We don’t have a complicated application process. But it’s important that you give us your details so we can set you up properly on our system. Just fill in this online form and one of our team will get in touch with you very quickly to explain the next steps.

We need to emphasise that you won’t be working for us as an employee, or representing our company in an agent capacity. You’ll just be referring names of business owners on to us. Saying that, if you show some real sales ability, we might well be interested in hiring you in a more formal way. But that’s a conversation for another day.

  • Michael Christian
    Michael Christian
    Homepride Marketing Ltd

    The Numbergroup staff involved were always on the ball, and always there when you needed assistance. If they weren’t available, they would call back promptly. They are polite and helpful at all times. They also have a great, flexible choice of products to choose from, which is important for us.

  • Samantha Peach
    Samantha Peach
    Wholesale Customer

    We have been working with Numbergroup for over 3 years now and use their UK numbers service, termination and origination, and number porting. They make processes that can be complex, simple, and deal with any issues promptly. We have been very happy with the quality of service and support and they are a great team to work with.