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We are committed to helping our customers save money, so we’ve joined forces with one of Britain’s biggest energy aggregators. This means you can get exclusive commission-free utility deals that aren’t available anywhere else—at no cost to you!

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How we saved Forth Windows & Doors Ltd £27,580.70

Forth Windows and Doors Ltd is a leading door manufacturer that has relied on Numbergroup for telecom software since 2009. The company employs 49 people, and its headquarters are in Glenrothes, Scotland.

We moved their Gas supplier from British Gas to CNG Scottish Hydro, saving them £27,580.70 on a two-year supply contract.

British Gas
Standing Charge: 151.311p per day
Per Unit charge: 5.150p
CNG Scottish Hydro
Standing Charge: 0
Per Unit Charge: 2.309p


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Our customers can avoid the mark-ups, deceptions and outright scams that plague the energy industry by viewing screen captures of our partner’s portal.   This portal connects to the UK energy supplier database in real-time, gathering price and supply availability information for your business.

We gain nothing by obtaining these quotes or arranging contracts with suppliers—we want our customers to feel valued, know we’re offering them the best possible prices and that they can count on us.

Understanding Your Quote


The quote will be headed as above:

Supplier – The company offering the contract

Tariff – The name of the tariff offered

Term – The length of the contract, typically 12 – 60 months

Start Date – The estimated start date of the new contract

Payment – The required payment method

Commission Type – “Uplift” refers to a percentage added to your quote as the supplier demands.

S/C – The standing charge is usually displayed as p/day or £/Qtr.

Prices (p/kWh) – The unit charges associated with the contract.

Commission – The commission credited to your Numbergroup account.

Annual Cost – The cost of the contract, calculated as one year’s worth of your estimated annual consumption.

How long are quotes valid?
Some suppliers will only honour a price for only a short period of time, especially if International wholesale markets fluctuate so it’s best to accept a contract as soon as possible.

Factors which affect a quote?
Energy prices for businesses are highly variable and dependent upon numerous factors, from the supplier’s risk factor, global wholesale markets, geographic location, supply type, business type and credit rating.


When should you switch suppliers?

It usually takes about one month to complete a move between suppliers.

This process timescale does vary, depending on how cooperative the losing supplier is and whether it raises objections to the move.

We can generally obtain quotes for up to 3 months before your existing contract expires. Therefore, we recommend looking for a new supplier about two months before your contract ends-this should give you enough time to transition from your current provider when the time comes.

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