Optimise Your Calls with Flexible Service Bolt-Ons

Our call solution services efficiently manage your calls and help streamline your business operations. We offer flexible, scalable solutions that address your call centre issues and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our variety of service bolt-ons can be easily added to your telephone numbers, allowing you to customise your setup to meet your needs. As your company grows, our services can expand, ensuring you always have the support you need.

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our solutions eliminate the need to purchase hardware or software. This makes implementing and maintaining our services easy and cost-effective, providing seamless, reliable call management.

  • Remote Working Solutions

    With our Internet-based phone system Luna, you can make and receive calls on any landline, mobile or internet-connected device using your existing internet connection, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows computers.


  • Call Routing

    You can easily route calls to your designated team members or departments without worrying about missing any calls.

    Our simple yet powerful call-handling solution is designed to make it easier for customers by connecting them with the right person or department within your business—so they are less likely to experience hold times, get transferred around unnecessarily, and feel frustrated.

  • Call Reporting & Marketing Analytics

    Our CDR reporting tool provides you with the ability to track calls and campaigns, as well as monitor your overall performance.

    Analyse, identify and monitor call traffic. Graphs and charts are easily generated, as well as the ability to filter reports for download—all from your Selfcare portal! We’ll also send you weekly statements so that you can track your business’ performance at a glance.

  • Call Queuing with Positional Announcement

    Manage customer experience, including expectations. Keep customers informed about their place in the queue. Use technology to keep your customers informed about their position in line and how long it will take for them to be served by a customer service representative.

  • Call Recording

    Record, store and replay calls using our Media Manager.

    All calls are automatically recorded and then uploaded to your account, where you can listen from any internet-connected device. You can also use our advanced search feature to find conversations you’ve had with specific contacts on a particular date or during a certain time period.

  • Call Whisper

    Be sure to distinguish between business and personal calls before you speak with the caller. Identify the lead source (the name of your contact or source) before answering using a call whisper service.


  • Professional Voice Over Prompts

    Help create the perfect first impression with fully customised greeting messages. We can create a professional voice prompt for your company or service, including IVR menus and greetings. You can choose from our pre-recorded options or send us a script, and we’ll record it for you within an hour.


  • Time of Day Routing

    Set your business hours and route calls based on when they are received to ensure that customers get the best service possible. If a call comes in outside of those hours, simply send them to voicemail or another number that works around the clock to take care of their needs.

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response

    Build a menu system for your callers, where they can interact with the menus by choosing an option and reaching their desired destination.

    This will help you organize your calls better so your customers won’t be transferred from department to department. It will also reduce the number of callers who hang up because they’re tired of waiting

  • Disaster Recovery

    Plan in advance for possible disruptions to your business caused by a broadband or infrastructure fault, and have failover options—such as diverts to employee mobiles and call answering redundancies—in place before an emergency happens.


  • Missed Call Notifications 

    If a caller cannot reach you or hangs up before speaking, you’ll be notified by email that their call was unsuccessful. The email contains the caller’s phone number and time/date stamp so you can return their call.

  • On-Hold Marketing

    Personalise your hold music to reflect the latest news, promotions and events. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged while on hold. You can do this by adding in custom messages, playing specific music or even creating an audio library of relevant content for different times of the year.


  • Call Back

    Are your customers frustrated by the long wait times they encounter when trying to speak with your agents? With our service, your customers don’t have to waste time waiting on hold; they can request a call back by simply hanging up the phone.

    Our systems automatically capture the caller’s phone number— even if it is withheld. Notifying your customer service team of a request for assistance allowing agents to respond when available without disclosing private information.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Allow your customers to leave messages on your business voicemail and have them delivered directly to your inbox. This helps you stay on top of all incoming calls without needing to constantly check the phone.

  • Scaleable 

    Receive hundreds of concurrent calls within a few minutes, deploy new users or an entire office site through a few simple clicks using your existing broadband connection. – The system is entirely web-based, so there’s no need for any hardware or server installation or maintenance. Our system is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. You don’t need any special training or technical knowledge—just install the software on your computer, phone, or tablet!

  • Conference Calls

    Conference calls can be a great way to connect with clients, prospects and coworkers. Creating custom conference call events and adding additional layers of security with PIN codes will give you peace of mind knowing your call is safe and encrypted.


  • Fax to Email

    Although fax technology is over two decades old, some companies insist on delivering legal documents by fax. To ensure you don’t miss any important documents from these clients while reducing your environmental impact—Receive all incoming faxes as PDF files via email.

  • Fraud Prevention 

    By setting daily or monthly spending limits, you can avoid bill shock and limit your exposure to employees making excessive personal calls or external hackers targeting your IT infrastructure. You can block specific international destinations and premium-rate telephone numbers, as well as set limits on the number of calls you make at one time.

  • Nuisance Call Blocking

    Block anonymous and repeated calls or reject annoying callers from contacting you, regardless of whether they withhold their phone numbers. – Anonymous call blocking prevents spammers and scammers from reaching you.

  • Self Serve Portal

    Use the Selfcare portal to manage and maintain your phone system. You can make changes in real-time 24 hours a day from any web browser. Our customer service team can provide online and phone-based help using our systems.

  • WhatsApp for Business

    Use your existing Numbergroup numbers with WhatsApp, opening you to over 2 billion WhatsApp users. Once your number is verified, you can send and receive instant messages and video calls.

    To learn more, watch this video.