Call Solutions for Business

Introducing our Inbound Call Solutions, fully scalable and customised to improve your call handling and your caller’s experience.  Available on our full range of telephone numbers

  • Remote Working Solutions

    Receive calls on any landline, mobile or internet-connected device iOS, Android, Mac OS or Windows computer using your existing Broadband connection.


  • Call Routing

    Distribute calls automatically to your designated team members or departments. Route calls to multiple landline, mobile, internet phones or CRM, divert calls by time of day, when busy, missed or unanswered.



  • Call Reporting & Marketings Analytics

    Whether you are looking to track the progress of a marketing campaign or simply reviewing your business calls at a glance our CDR reporting tool is available from a single portal. Analyse and identify call traffic, view easy-to-read graphs and charts or filter and download reports using our Selfcare portal. We will also send weekly statements to help you keep track.


  • Call Queuing with Positional Announcement

    Manage customer experience and expectations. Ensure callers remain on the line, periodically notify callers what position they are in a queue.


  • Call Recording

    Record, store and replay calls to your business using our Media Manager.

  • Call Whisper

    Help distinguish between a business and personal call before you speak with the caller, and identify the lead source before you say hello with a call whisper service.

  • Professional Bespoke Prompts and Caller Greetings

    Help create the perfect first impression with fully customised greeting messages, deployable on the fly and delivered within an hour.

  • Time of Day Routing

    Pre-set your business hours and route calls based on when they are received to ensure the best customer service is delivered.

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response

    Build a custom menu system that interacts with your callers and gathers information by giving them choices and helping route them to the appropriate department or team member. Add a multilayered IVR system by giving callers the option to choose from the billing department, sales team, technical support and more.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Avoid disruption to your business during a broadband or phone line fault by putting failover diverts to your employee mobiles and call answering redundancies in place before a problem or emergency happens.

  • Missed Call Notifications 

    Automatically receive notifications of missed calls including the callers’ phone numbers to your email.

  • On-Hold Marketing

    Customise your hold music and promote up-and-coming services and events.

  • Avoid Call Abandonment

    Avoid frustration from customers by giving callers in a queue the option to exit and leave a voicemail requesting a callback.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Allow your customers to leave a message on your business voicemail, which is delivered to your email.

  • Fax to Email

    Capture incoming faxes which we will deliver directly to you via email.

  • Scaleable 

    Receive hundreds of calls, and deploy new users or an entire office site through a few simple clicks within seconds utilising an existing broadband connection.

  • Conference Calls

    Create custom conference call events and add additional layers of security with PIN codes.

  • Fraud Prevention 

    Set your spend limits and avoid bill shock. Limit any potential exposure by placing your daily spend or simultaneous call limits.

  • Nuisance Call Blocking

    Reject anonymous calls or block annoying callers even those withholding their phone number.

  • Self Serve Portal

    Manage and maintain your phone system using our Selfcare portal. Make changes in real-time 24 hours a day from any web browser.

  • WhatsApp for Business

    Use your existing Numbergroup 0800, 01/02 or 03 numbers with WhatsApp opening your business to over 2 billion WhatsApp users. Once your number is verified, you can send and receive instant messages and video calls. Providing marketing and support while using your existing business numbers. Download WhatsApp for business without the need for a second sim. For more information check out this Youtube video

  • What is an IVR, and how would this benefit my business?

    Get ahead of your competitors with our cost-effective interactive voice recognition (IVR). Whether you are a startup, a small business looking to inspire confidence in potential customers to win their business or an established organisation looking to streamline your call process, our IVR system is easy to set up. It can be up and running within minutes. A professional first impression with a well-constructed IVR menu system will give potential clients confidence and helps portray how much you care about your client’s business. An IVR system helps provide an overall better customer service experience. Callers choose the department or team member they want to speak to. Time is valuable, and many customers are too busy to wait around explaining the query multiple times, causing avoidable frustration. Activate your IVR feature and become the organisation known for its first call resolution. 

  • Why would I use bespoke greeting messages? Can I make changes, and how long will it take?

    Whether you are looking at making changes to an existing greeting message, perhaps you have changed your business hours, have a staff training day approaching, or there is an emergency which resulted in you not being able to answer your calls. We can create your messages within a few minutes and have them uploaded to your business line immediately.  Let us help you keep your customers updated and provide the perfect first impression for your business. 

  • What is the time of day routing, and how can this help me?

    Nothing is worse than calling a business and getting an engaged or busy tone. Rather than switching off your phone when you are not at work, activate the Time of Day routing feature and preconfigure your open and closed hours. Redirect calls depending on the day and time of the week. Direct callers to out-of-hours support, advise callers of your business hours to help set realistic expectations or redirect them to a voicemail or email address. Keep your business active 24 hours-day, 365 days a year and ensure you are not missing any opportunities. 

  • Does changing where my calls are directed cost me? How often can I do this, and what would be the lead time?

    We can change your call routing within seconds. Call or email us requesting the change. Customers with access to the self-care portal can make the changes in a few clicks. Call routing is the backbone of your phone service, as this will ultimately determine where a call is answered and by whom. If you have a staff member leave, not attend work, or perhaps a team member cannot make it to the office, you can easily add or remove forwarding destinations. We understand business needs are ever-changing, and unlike most other providers, we allow you to make as many changes as you need completely free of charge.

  • Disaster recovery explained

    Most businesses rely on inbound calls and a telephone system to run an organisation successfully. As we have all, unfortunately, experienced over the last few years, disruptions or disasters can suddenly happen with no warning, entirely outside of your control. Whether you suffer an IT glitch causing your phones to stop working, or perhaps you can no longer work from your office, our disaster recovery system will help ensure the continuity of your business. Preconfigure a fail-safe if your primary targets cannot receive or answer calls. We can automatically re-direct calls to your failsafe number(s), ensuring you continue to run your business successfully.

  • How does Call Recording work?

    Many businesses record calls for training, compliance and regulatory purposes. It’s also a useful tool within your call solutions arsenal, providing complete access to review calls. Perhaps you have calls answered by a call answering service or a third party, and you wish to monitor the level of customer service delivered. The audio file is tracked when the call is connected and stored securely within your Media Manager platform.