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  • What does number porting mean?

    Number porting is also referred to as number transfer. This is when a customer wishes to move to a different telephone service provider while retaining their existing number and presence.

  • Will I have to pay my current provider a “porting out” fee?

    Any porting out (transfer) fees will be determined by your current provider and their T&C’s.

  • What information do I need to provide you to port my number over?

    To port a number(s) to ourselves, just complete the online “Number Porting Request” form and submit to us along with a copy of a recent bill from your existing provider.

    If you wish to port an 0800, 03, 0845 (non geographic) etc number, you will need to provide a Letter of Authority (LOA) on your business letterhead. Our porting team can assist in completing the LOA.

  • What type of virtual number can I port over to you? (geographic, 0800, 0808 etc.)

    We can port all types of virtual numbers (including UK geographic, 0800, 0808, 03, 0845 and more). We can also port international numbers.

    On rare occasions, we’re unable to port a number if the Range Holder of the number we are attempting to port does not have a Service Establishment in place with BT IPEX. In such instances, we would ask BT IPEX to put a Service Establishment in place, thus allowing us to transfer the numbers over.

  • Do I need to contact my current provider to cancel the account, or will you handle that?

    When a number transfer takes place, any services attached to the number cease once the port has completed. For example if you have broadband on your 0121XXXXXX number, your broadband service will cease on the port date.

    You, as the existing account holder, will need to notify your existing provider that you wish to cancel the service. As we are only able to port active numbers, we strongly urge you to retain the relationship and services with your current provider until the number transfer has completed to ensure your number is not lost or services disrupted.

    Most providers will notify their customers once a porting request has been received.

  • How long will it take to move my number over to you?

    There are three types of number ports – Single Line, Multi Line & Non-Geographic. Depending on your order type, the porting lead times will vary.

    Single Line port orders generally take between 7 to 10 working days to complete.

    Multi Line port orders generally take between 10 to 14 working days to complete.

    In some some rare instances, the process can take up to 22 working days and this is referred to as a “complex” order.

    Non-Geographic (0800, 03, 0845 etc) number ports can take up to 55 working days to complete. This process takes longer as the process is reliant on a number of different systems to carry out validations.

  • After porting my number, what happens to billing & payment with my current provider?

    This depends on your current provider and the service & billing agreement you have in place with them. We would urge you to review your current T&C’s and small print before initiating a number porting request.

  • Will I experience any downtime in calls while porting takes place?

    We have a strong track record of porting numbers successfully, with no service downtime. We achieve this by building the number(s) onto our own network as soon as a porting request is received. The number is then configured in preparation for the port date, which allows a seamless transfer of service from your existing provider to ourselves.

  • Is there a fee for porting my number over to you?

    One-off porting fees will apply, and are determined by the type of port order. The charges are as follows:

    • Single Line Geographic Port – £10.00
    • Multi Line Geographic Port (can include up to 100 numbers) – £25.00
    • Single Non-Geographic Number Port – £35.00

    Failure to provide the correct information will result in a resubmission fee of £20.00.

    Date changes and cancellations will incur a fee of £10.00.

    All above fees exclude VAT at the standard rate.

  • What if my current provider refuses to agree to my porting request?

    There is no reason for your phone provider to refuse a port order. There may be instances where a port order is refused/rejected, however a valid reason and code will need to be provided. Typically orders are rejected due to discrepancies in the “installation” address.

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