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 Get the UK’s Best Cloud-Hosted PBX Phone System

Run Your Business Phone System In The Cloud Without Any Hassle

The UK’s No.1 Hosted PBX Platform

Running your phone system in the cloud means much greater flexibility for managing incoming & outgoing calls, plus massively reduced call rates. But most cloud PBX systems come with a hefty subscription charge.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could have all the benefits of a cloud-hosted PBX system, without the monthly fees?

Anyone who has tried setting up a “free” open-source PBX system such as Asterisk will understand the complexities involved. It’s a technical challenge for even the most experienced telecom IT professional. Plus you still have the hassle of finding a reliable telecoms company through whose network you will actually make & receive your calls.

Why bother dealing with all these headaches?

Wherever your company is based, we’re offering you the chance to run and maintain an enterprise level Hosted PBX phone system in your business at no monthly cost. You get all the benefits of a free PBX service without any of the hassle. Plus, our call rates are among the cheapest internationally. So it really is a no-brainer!


Trusted By Over 1,200 Companies Worldwide

Our Virtual PBX business phone system powers the communication of some pretty big companies

What’s Included In Your Hosted PBX Account

Our Hosted PBX system is currently used and trusted by nearly 1,200 companies globally, from freelancers right up to huge call centres. We’re not PBX resellers, which means we can decide what we charge our customers. And, fortunately for you, you can get access to our Hosted PBX platform for a low monthly fee.

You’ll get access to all new system updates and releases for free, plus all the customer support you need to run a reliable and secure PBX system.

Everything you’d expect from an enterprise-grade Hosted PBX system is included. Such as the ability to route all incoming calls, transfer calls to any extension, put calls on hold (with music), set up conference calls and even configure an automated attendant to direct your calls to different departments.

Manage all your business communication in one place, for free:

  • Configure & manage redirects, voicemail and call recordings remotely through your online control panel.

  • Enjoy HD voice quality (much better than ISDN phone systems).

  • Provision accounts without having to give out usernames and passwords, and revoke access remotely.

  • Receive incoming faxes securely by email as a PDF attachment.

  • Audio conferencing with moderator and participant PINs.

  • Disaster recovery options allow you to redirect incoming calls and manage outgoing calls easily from a remote location.

  • Maintain PCI DSS compliance by allowing operators to pause and resume recordings mid-call when sensitive data is shared (e.g. taking credit card details over the phone).

  • Secure call recordings using enterprise-grade encryption.

Questions About The Free Hosted PBX Account


“Our switch to Numbergroup saved us over £800 a year!”

“We’ve been using Numbergroup’s cloud hosted communication platform since 2016. Their cloud phone system is reliable and easy to use, plus they have extremely competitive call rates, friendly customer service and faultless support. Our switch to Numbergroup saved us over £800 a year! We highly recommend Numbergroup to all our business partners and clients.
James Lester, Carpet Bright UK

It’s been almost a year since we started using Numbergroup’s cloud services. Since the start they’ve made our lives easier by providing proper solutions, not just work-arounds. We’re in the recruitment business and telephone communication is the backbone of our business. I can’t say enough how relieved I am for choosing VoIP services from Numbergroup.

Dharmendra Tirdia, Ethos HR Management

Numbergroup offer an amazing service. When I first joined, it was obvious from the start that this was going to be an entirely different experience than what I had with my previous telecom provider. The technical side of things is easy, even for a technophobe like me. The customer service is first class and the value for money equals the service.

Bill Fawcett, Sole Trader

The Numbergroup staff involved were always on the ball, and always there when you needed assistance. If they weren’t available, they would call back promptly. They are polite and helpful at all times. They also have a great, flexible choice of numbers to choose from, even International, which is important for us.

Michael Christian, Homepride Marketing Ltd

We’ve been with Numbergroup for nine years now. We switched over from an on-premise phone system, which is something we’d put off for years. When we did eventually make the move, the Numbergroup support team were really helpful. They made the process a lot easier than we anticipated, and we were up and running without any call downtime.

Simon Evans, EvSol Products
We have been working with Numbergroup for over 3 years now and use their UK numbers service, termination and origination, and number porting. They make processes that can be complex, simple, and deal with any issues promptly. We have been very happy with the quality of service and support and they are a great team to work with.
Samantha Peach, Wholesale Customer

From initially assessing our current spend with our existing supplier (and actually saving us money), to acquiring dedicated telephone numbers and porting, right through to handset installation and customer support, Numbergroup have been fantastic, and delivered on all fronts. A brilliant company to deal with, nothing ever seemed too much trouble, holding our hand throughout the whole installation and training process so we understood everything first time.

Bryan Nuttall, RH Nuttall Ltd

Make PBX “Cloud” Calls On Your Mobile Phone

Use Your Free PBX for Mobile Calls

Use your mobile phone to make and receive PBX calls on your Numbergroup PBX account.

Our “Luna PBX” app allows you to make and receive PBX calls via your mobile phone easily and securely without requiring any username or password. Once connected, your PBX users can:

  • Make and receive calls on your mobile handset using HD quality voice.

  • Put callers on hold and transfer them to colleagues, groups or conferences.

  • Automatically record calls to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Have outgoing calls appear from their extension’s phone number.

Performance & Security Features

Our “Luna PBX” client utilises push technology so can run in the background without affecting battery performance. Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity is required to make and receive calls.

All calls are encrypted on our platform for security, and only customers are able to access their recordings.

To add an extension, simply scan a QR code given out from our portal using the phone’s camera. Administrators can download these QR codes and send them to users via email.

Luna PBX on the App Store
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