How are we different?

Our Customer Charter underpins every decision we make and how we treat our customers. These "10 commandments" are about putting the customer first, and help explain why our customers stay with us on average for 6 years.

UK Virtual Numbers

If you buy any service from us, this is how we promise to treat you.

  • When we agree a price, that’s what you’ll pay.

    No hidden costs or “inflation price lifts”.

  • We won’t hold you to ransom over a long-term contract.

    You’re free to leave at any time if you’re unhappy. (By the way, our average customer stay is 6 years).

  • We’ll put measures in place to stop you running up massive bills.

    We block all expensive calls like premium rate numbers and dodgy international destinations.

  • If you’re struggling financially, we’ll be as flexible as we can.

    We trust you to pay your bills on time, preferably by Direct Debit, but we will never use aggressive debt collection methods.

  • We don’t charge extra for SLAs.

    All customers get the very best service, no matter how much they spend.

  • We won’t bother you with spam or hard-sell tactics.

    We don’t have any salespeople, or do any advertising, as all of our customers come to us via our website or word of mouth.

  • We will always be around if you need help.

    All our staff work remotely, so someone will be available to answer your emails or phone calls whatever the time of day.

  • We’ll make sure your communication systems don’t go down.

    If you do experience any technical issues, we’ll do everything in our control to fix the problem immediately.

  • No more spam or nuisance calls

    We have processes in place to block spam and annoying callers on request.

  • We’ll always treat you with the professionalism, integrity and respect that you deserve.

    Our business survival depends on you being happy, so we’ll do all we can to retain your business.

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