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Get More Customers with Virtual Landline Numbers

Virtual landline numbers are telephone numbers with a specific area code that allows businesses to have a local presence in a particular village, town or region, even if they are located elsewhere. You can expand your business and increase business…

Virtual landline numbers are telephone numbers with a specific area code that allows businesses to have a local presence in a particular village, town or region, even if they are located elsewhere.

You can expand your business and increase business growth opportunities with virtual geographic numbers by targeting regions and markets that may not be accessible if you don’t have a physical presence there.

Using a landline telephone number to reach a specific market expands your business into new markets and appeals to customers in areas where you have not previously done business. These numbers can help drive sales and improve your bottom line.

You can have thousands of virtual telephone numbers all forwarded to your office’s existing phone line, so there is no need for you to add new lines or purchase expensive equipment. Virtual numbers can be used in various ways, from adding a local presence to your business to helping you attract more clients and customers. They are particularly useful for companies that operate online and have no physical address—such as Internet service providers or web hosting companies—or businesses that operate internationally but want to appear local.


One of the main benefits of using virtual landline numbers is that they can help establish a local presence for your business. Customers are often more likely to trust and do business with companies with a local presence in their area, making the business seem more accessible and established. By using a virtual landline number with a local area code, you can give the impression that you have a physical location in that region, which can help improve customer trust and increase sales.


In addition to establishing a local presence, virtual landline numbers can also be used to enhance your marketing efforts in specific regions. You can use these numbers in your local media marketing materials, such as local TV, local newspapers, and flyers, to give customers a local number to call for specific marketing campaigns or track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in different locations.


Local Area Codes

In the UK, landline numbers are assigned to a specific area and have an associated area code.

For example, the area code for London is 020, so a London landline number might be 0207 0823040. Here are a few more examples of UK landline telephone numbers:

  • Glasgow: 0141 2950022
  • Manchester: 0161 7381600
  • Bristol: 0117 2541515
  • Liverpool: 0151 7010205
  • Swansea: 01792 905005
  • Middlesbrough: 01642 946000
  • Birmingham: 0121 4007444


Keep in mind that there are over 600 local geographic landline telephone numbers and area codes in the UK.


Virtual landline numbers can be used in various ways, including as the main business line, as a customer service hotline, or as a way for customers to place orders or make reservations. They can also route calls to different locations or specific team members within your organisation.


In addition to the fact that they can be used to create a memorable brand identity, landline numbers are often easier to remember than mobile or non-geographic phone numbers.

One of our customers in Somerset operates as all the two’s taxis on 22 22 22


In addition to making it easier for customers who prefer traditional communication methods, landline numbers are particularly helpful for those who want an alternative way of contacting businesses without having access to email or social media profiles.

These phone numbers can be added and verified with WhatsApp. If you want to add a geographic number, you can do so in the WhatsApp Business settings. You’ll need to choose which area you want your number to be associated with (such as a town or county), then enter the full postcode for that area.

– The WhatsApp messenger app allows its users to easily contact one another by phone, text or video calls


How can landline telephone numbers improve customer service?

A landline telephone number can help you improve your customer service by allowing you to connect with customers in their local language, time zone and culture. Using a virtual landline number, your business can showcase its commitment to customers, who may feel more confident about doing business with you. By using a virtual landline telephone number for a specific region or market, you can give customers an increased sense of familiarity and trust when they call your business because they’ll be speaking directly with someone who understands them on a personal level – all while helping ensure that your company is providing excellent support wherever possible!


Landline telephone numbers can improve business efficiency

It’s also important to note that landline telephone numbers can improve business efficiency. With virtual phone numbers, you can:

You can route calls to the appropriate department by assigning virtual phone numbers to specific accounts, departments or groups. For example, you could make sure that all inbound sales go directly to your account managers rather than ringing through first at the reception— which is a hundred miles away from them!

You can route calls to the correct location. If you have multiple offices in one area or region, use virtual phone numbers for each office so that customers don’t need to specify which one they’re calling before being put through—the system will do it for them automatically.

Route calls based on time-zone differences are convenient if your company has employees from different parts of the world and offices open 24/7 (or close).



In conclusion, virtual landline numbers can be a valuable tool for UK businesses targeting specific regions and markets. Businesses can establish a local presence and improve customer trust in that region by using a local area code. These numbers can also enhance marketing efforts and make it easier for customers to connect with the business, regardless of location. Additionally, virtual geographic numbers are portable and can be used in various ways, such as as a main business line or as a way for customers to place orders or make reservations. Virtual landline numbers can help businesses expand into new markets, drive sales, and improve customer service.

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