Take the guesswork out of cloud communication

Better performance through actionable insights

Whatever new technology or system you introduce in your business, you need to know how to get the best out of it. It takes time to configure settings properly and learn how to use all the features you can benefit from.

At the start, we tend to choose the default or most basic settings and hope for the best. It’s only when we get more familiar with the technology do we have the confidence to try different strategies to really get the best return from our investment.

The same goes for cloud communication technology. Freelancers or Small Businesses in particular tend to start off by buying one virtual or Freephone number and redirecting this to a mobile or fixed landline. This virtual number is then displayed in marketing literature and on the website. Nothing wrong with this of course, but the power of virtual numbers really lies in their flexibility and the ease with which they can be used to test the effectiveness and performance of your marketing campaigns.

Say for example, you run a newspaper ad, aswell as a google adwords campaign, both of which display the same Freephone number. It’s going to be difficult to measure the relative effectiveness of each of these campaigns because there’s no way of tracking the source (unless you ask all callers where they saw your ad).

But what if each ad displayed a different Freephone number? By viewing the call logs in your Selfcare dashboard, you’ll be able to see which campaign drove most calls. This data can then be merged with other performance stats, such as duration of call, quality of lead and revenue generated, to give you a clear picture of what campaign worked best.

These actionable insights show you how to build effective online & offline marketing campaigns and deliver a much greater return on your spend.

A clearer view of what works and what doesn’t

No more guesswork. Clearly prove what strategies deliver the best results

Stop wasting money on ineffective ads or marketing campaigns

Get actionable insights to help you make informed decisions

Want better results from your cloud communication?

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