Phone, Gas & Energy bills out of control?

We offer a cost reduction service for small businesses, utilising our licensed and regulated wholesale agreements, we access the cheapest possible deals and tariffs unavailable to SME customers from the biggest suppliers in the Phone, Gas & Energy industries.

  Get the best price from any of these suppliers

All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners.  All company names used on this website are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement. *Disclaimer: The phone calls, gas, and energy used are identical, whichever supplier you use.  The only difference is the customer service and the price you pay.

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It doesn’t take your accountant to state the obvious, your costs of business are exploding, and it doesn’t matter if you want to blame Brexit, Covid, Putin or Inflation. It’s time to look for savings where you can.

There are hundreds of brokers and resellers in the phone, gas and energy markets who’d love to help you their commissions, adding somewhere between 3-20% on top of your already inflated bills, basically adding on as much as they can get away with.

There is another way with our Netflix type subscription business model.

We’ll supply your micro, small or growing business with the cheapest possible commission-free utilities for a set inclusive monthly fee.

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Reducing our business costs and only spending on the areas that improve customer service allows us to disrupt and undercut any competitor.   We have a small and experienced team that have been with the business for almost 10 years, with no sales targets or commissions. We moved to WFH in 2018 using our cloud-based phone system, which saved us £250,000 in office rentals.

We gain customers organically from the website and mainly by word of mouth, so we never bothered with paid advertising.  We spend nothing on marketing or Adwords.

We avoid disputes, arguments and bad debt to save on legal costs; you are free to leave with no exit fees whenever you wish. (customers stay an average of 6 years)

  • Our service is personalised, courteous and human

    We want to help you – not just deal with you. So you’ll speak to humans, not machines or auto-handling software. Emails will be answered promptly within 15 minutes during regular business hours. If you call, you’ll be greeted by our telephone receptions, then transferred to a team member who will handle your query or question.

  • We promise the kind of service, up-times and business efficiency that other brokers can only dream of

    We build the products and services we offer. We test the living daylights out of them so that they don’t break. But if something does happen, rest assured: we don’t wait on engineers or other suppliers to fix it.

  • No Contracts

    We earn customer loyalty by being the best broker on the planet – not by tying them into impossible-to-get-out-of contracts.

    Business can ebb and flow. If you want to increase or reduce your services from us, you can do so without penalty.

    And we don’t want you to leave but if you have to, just let us know. Again, our contract ends when you say it does – without punishments or penalties.

  • Support 24/7

    And this isn’t some ‘enhanced service package’ for which you pay a premium. It’s how we look after everyone.

    We’ve built a small team of people whose personalities tie to the company ethos that everything comes second to customer happiness. They’ll work hard for you not because someone is standing over them with a big stick but because it’s in their character.

  • We’re going to offer you a deal you can’t get anywhere else

    We provide direct wholesale access to our business suppliers –There aren’t layers of commissions, costs and fees between you, our customer, and us.

    You’re buying direct. So you get prices that other brokers can’t match.

    Talk to us about what you need and the kind of terms that would suit you, and we’ll come up with a flexible, personalised offer that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

  • No sales calls, no spam, no hassle

    We get new clients either from our website or word of mouth. You’re not going to hear from our salespeople or call centre “specialists” because we don’t have any.

    We create flexible deals with you based on what you need to buy – not what we feel we want to sell. If you’re going to order more – or use less – you call us, and we will make that happen. We respond to your needs rather than get you to respond to ours.

  • Flexibility and understanding when things aren’t quite working out for you

    Business ebbs and flows. Things sometimes go wrong quickly, and we suddenly find ourselves in a bit of a fix.

    If this happens to you, we’re not going to be standing there with our hands out if you’ve got unexpected cash flow problems. After all, the last thing you need to lose when times are tough is your phone system.

    So. No debt collectors, lawyers or snotty letters. Call us, tell us what’s up, and we will do our very best to help you out of trouble.

  • We protect your phone bills

    We block access to expensive premium-rate numbers and untrustworthy international destinations by default.

    Set your spending limits, and our system won’t let you spend any more no matter what. We’ll get in touch if you get anywhere near your requested daily or monthly limits.

  • Avoid skimpflation

    Your customers are struggling. Inflation is here and only getting worse.

    You can either pass on your increased business costs to your customers and risk losing them to rivals, absorb the hit and suffer the reduction in your profit margins, or alter your product or service to make them cheaper to produce.   Please don’t take the risk. Let us reduce your costs.

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