A telecoms service-provider that builds products and service specifically for you

at flexible prices and without contract tie-ins, red tape or hard-sell

We’re trusted by over 1,200 organisations, from startups to global companies like these

0800 Numbers

Build average or build outstanding

Long ago we started the company now known as Numbergroup.

And, at that time, we could either afford to build something that worked really, really well – like, fantastically well – or we could build bog-standard and also employ some salespeople to try and sell the thing.

Telecoms are the absolute life-blood of any functioning business. So we built the really, really great thing… and found that, in time, it sold itself. Word of mouth mostly.

That was 20 years ago.

0800 Numbers

Devoted to quality

Today, 99% of our clients are small to medium sized businesses just like us.

1% are enormous. As in ‘Microsoft’ enormous. ‘Royal Bank of Scotland’ enormous.

So, in the end, we never bothered with ‘sales’.

Instead, we have carried on creating products that businesses truly need and devote 100% of our time making them so damned good that people love them.

We don’t always know how people find their way to Numbergroup. But we know exactly why they never leave us.

Come, join us. And you’ll find out too.

How we’re different from the rest

  • We like solving your problems

    We’re network providers who design and build all our own products. You get services that have been tested until we can no longer find ways of making them go wrong. If what we’ve got isn’t what you need… we’ll create what you do need from scratch.

  • The secret to our low pricing

    We’re not resellers. We’re creators. You’re receiving products and services directly from the people who made them. Which means you’re not paying margins to middlemen. And that is why our customers get such impressive, personalised pricing deals on whatever they use from us.

  • We don’t do business-as-usual

    Standard telecom industry practice is to hard-sell, up-sell and cross-sell people into products and services that they may or may not need. And then keep them there with contract terms that are cumbersome – or expensive – to get out of. That’s just so dead against the kind of firm we wanted to create that we didn’t even try it out.

  • We know business can be tough

    We have no salespeople to pressure you or debt collectors or lawyers to harass you. Instead, we talk to you about what you’re trying to achieve, supply what you actually need – and provide it with flexible pricing and terms that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

  • We build relationships

    If we don’t have the exact product you want, we can build it for you because we own our networks and software. And then you stay with us not because you’re trapped but because you’re getting what you want.

  • Come and go as you please

    If for any reason at all you want to leave then, of course we’ll miss you, but there’s no red tape holding you to us and no punishment for going. You’re free.

    We’re going to make your business happy. Our customer charter is here – take a look

  • James Lester
    James Lester

    We’ve been using Numbergroup’s cloud hosted communication platform since 2016. Their cloud phone system is reliable and easy to use, plus they have extremely competitive call rates, friendly customer service and faultless support. Our switch to Numbergroup saved us over £800 a year! Carpet Bright UK highly recommend Numbergroup to all our business partners and clients.

  • Dharmendra Tirdia
    Dharmendra Tirdia
    Ethos HR Management

    It’s been almost a year since we started using Numbergroup’s cloud services. Since the start they’ve made our lives easier by providing proper solutions, not just work-arounds. We’re in the recruitment business and telephone communication is the backbone of our business. I can’t say enough how relieved I am for choosing VoIP services from Numbergroup.