Enhance Your Phone Calls with AI: Unlock Business Data Intelligence

Embrace the future of business communication with our AI-powered phone numbers, seamlessly integrated into your existing phone lines. This innovative technology doesn’t demand new hardware or software updates; it’s as simple as updating your marketing and website phone numbers. And if that’s not feasible, we offer alternative solutions to connect to our AI by updating your phone service. Transform every customer phone call into a rich source of business data intelligence.


Our AI-powered phone numbers go beyond mere call recording; they listen, transcribe, analyse, and uncover crucial insights about customer interactions, pain points, behaviours, and needs. They deliver real-time KPI data and intelligent notifications and alerts via Email or Zapier integrations into your business apps, all through the power of AI and your current telephony infrastructure.

  • Effortless Integration with Existing Systems: Our AI service stands out for its ability to dovetail seamlessly with any existing phone infrastructure. The absence of technical complexities or the need for software installations marks a significant leap in operational efficiency. Businesses can now embrace advanced AI capabilities without overhauling their current systems, a move that aligns with the practicalities of modern business operations.

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Every Call: At the heart of our service is the sophisticated AI’s capability to scan and analyse every phone call. This feature is not just about recording data; it’s about extracting meaningful insights from each interaction. Whether it’s identifying patterns, understanding customer sentiments, or gauging service quality, our AI transforms each call into a repository of actionable intelligence.

  • Real-Time Alerts for Immediate Action: What sets this service apart is its proactive approach. The AI doesn’t just passively analyse; it actively alerts employees to situations needing immediate or human intervention. This ensures that critical issues are flagged in real-time, allowing businesses to respond swiftly and effectively. It’s not just about having data; it’s about having the right data at the right time to make informed decisions.


Reduce your Overheads and Boost Profit Margins: By partnering with us, your business can significantly cut overhead expenses while enhancing profit margins. Our cost-effective solutions improve your bottom line and allow you to reinvest in other critical areas of your business.


Break Free from Annual CPI Price Increases: Tired of being subjected to annual CPI price hikes? Our service offerings are designed to shield your business from these inflation-driven increases, providing you with more predictable expenses and long-term financial stability


Experience a Seamless Supplier Switch with Zero Service Interruptions: Switching suppliers has never been easier. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition without any loss of service

Why Choose Numbergroup?

  1. Unbeatable Savings: A guaranteed 50% reduction in your monthly telecom expenses compared to your existing supplier, no matter who they are.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Bespoke telecom services, ISDN replacements, SIP Trunking or cloud-based virtual phone systems that align with your unique needs and objectives.
  3. Scalable Infrastructure: Telecom solutions that grow with your business, ensuring seamless communication even as demand increases.
  4. Advanced Features: Cutting-edge telecom features like call routing, call analytics, and virtual receptionists to boost productivity and optimise operations.
  5. Proven Expertise: A 12-year track record of managing mission-critical calls for thousands of UK businesses.
  6. Unwavering Support: 24/7 UK-based customer support, ready to assist when you need it most.

Our experience includes working on numerous projects for a wide variety of esteemed UK enterprises and public authorities, such as:

We serve businesses throughout the United Kingdom